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JIER Marine Brazil Client has Participated in a Bidding Project of Repairing Jetty

JIER MARINEMutual trust and cooperation will succeed!

Recently, one of our clients from Brazil has participated in a bidding project of repairing jetty. What he required in this project is the type Super Cell marine rubber fenders up to three meters, which is the largest size in the world. And a few manufacturers of marine fenders on the market can produce this type of fenders. However, Nanjing Jier Marine Co., Ltd., as the major marine fender system supplier with good reputation home and abroad can be proud to say that we can complete this difficult task in a perfect way.

First of all, we expressed our sincere gratitude to this customer due to his trust, and then also prepared the required bidding documents meticulously. It took us almost a whole day to prepare these documents because the requirements of this project are full of important details. We still feel pleased to do that and hope these documents we prepared can be beneficial to help the customer to win the bid successfully.

After sending all the required documents to this customer, we received his earnest affirmation for our careful work. Jier always adheres to the service-first principle for treating all the customers. Next, we will continue to update these customer cases. Thanks for your attention!

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