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Pneumatic Rubber Fender

JIER MARINE JCQ Pneumatic Rubber Fender is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the water and work as a shock absorber between two ships, or between ships and berthing structure when they come alongside each other on the water.


JIER Pneumatic Rubber fenders comply with all the requirements of ISO 17357:2002, ensuring high performance and high quality floating pneumatic fenders for safe berthing operations. The stringent requirements of this standard ensure that fenders are of a high quality and can withstand the rigorous environments and applications they are designed to operate in.



Type: JCQ500X1000-JCQ4500X12000

Category: Marine Fender System


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• Adjust performance by varying initial pressure

• Suitable for areas with large or small tides

• Maintain large clearances between hull and structure

• Optional chain-tyre nets for heavy duty applications

• Easy installation

• Very low reaction and hull pressure

• Tankers, gas carriers and hulk cargo ships

• Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels

• Temporary or permanent installations

• Rapid response and emergency fendering

• As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities

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JIER MARINE is the leading global manufacturer of high performance marine fender system and mooring bollard system, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of rubber fenders and fender system and bollard system with over 20 years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of rubber fenders and bollards and the related marine accessories.
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