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  • How to Choose the Exact Size of the Marine Airbag?

    Marine air bag is an inflatable rubber product to assist ships in launching and landing. It is in a long cylindrical shape as a whole. When it helps to launch, the inflated air bag is placed at the bottom of the ship, dragging the ship with the air bag rolling, greatly reducing the friction force; w

  • JIER Marine Brazil Client has Participated in a Bidding Project of Repairing Jetty

    Recently, one of our clients from Brazil has participated in a bidding project of repairing jetty. What he required in this project is the type Super Cell marine rubber fenders up to three meters, which is the largest size in the world. And a few manufacturers of marine fenders on the market can pro

  • JIER Marine Mooring Bollard System

    The word “bollard” was first reported use is from a Scottish newspaper in 1763 referencing a marine bollard, used at a dock to moor boats. The use of the word spread, and now mooring bollards are known to every English-speaking mariner. Marine mooring bollards provide a simple yet efficient method f

  • The Approval of the GBT 21537-2021 National Standard for Rubber Fender Drafted by JIER Marine

    Good news to share! On October 11, 2021, GBT 21537-2021 National Standard for Rubber Fender that our company participated in the formulation honorably has approved by The State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Commission. This standard means that the regulation a

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