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Super Cell Fender

JIER MARINE JSC Super Cell Fender is improved over the ordinary type. It is the most commonly used fender in the world. The circular mounting base of the super cell fender makes it an extremely stable fender type.

Super Cell Fender has high absorption energy per unit weight. Also among all types of compressed fenders, it has the lowest compression performance change. Cell Fenders are more rugged and can tolerate overloading better than any fender type in the market.

Type: JSC400-JSC3000
Category: Marine Fender System
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◾ Low reaction force.

◾ High capability of energy absorption.

◾ High force absorption and long usage life.

◾ High technical products developed to substitute common cell fenders.

◾ Two options are available for front panel, closed panel and opened panel. Closed panel has longer service life and better anti-corrosion than opened panel. It could be designed as per client’s requirements.

◾ Oil and LNG facilities

◾ Bulk terminals

◾ Offshore platforms

◾ Container berths

◾ RoRo and cruise terminals

◾ Multi-user berths


JIER MARINE is the leading global manufacturer of high performance marine fender system and mooring bollard system, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of rubber fenders and fender system and bollard system with over 20 years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of rubber fenders and bollards and the related marine accessories.
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