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How to Choose the Exact Size of the Marine Airbag?

Marine airbag is an inflatable rubber product to assist ships in launching and landing. It is in a long cylindrical shape as a whole. When it helps to launch, the inflated air bag is placed at the bottom of the ship, dragging the ship with the air bag rolling, greatly reducing the friction force; when airbags used for landing, place the air bag that is not full of air at the bottom of the ship and continue to inflate, and lift the ship up to the pier with buoyancy.

So how should we choose the exact size of the marine airbag?

The shape of the mairne airbag is a combination of cone + cylinder + cone, in which the length of the cylinder part is the effective length and is in contact with the bottom of the ship. There are three main arrangement modes, as below shown:


When the width of the ship is less than 20 meters, it can be launched in the first way, that is, the length of the marine airbag is equal to the width of the ship; When the width of the ship is greater than 20m, the length of the marine airbag is about half of the width of the ship. If it is a pointed bottom ship, it is necessary to increase the strength and number of airbags, but it is not necessary to increase the length of airbags.

The diameter of the marine airbag can be selected according to the height of the ship pier and the required lifting height. The common specifications are 0.6m/0.8m/1.0m/1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2.0m. When the ship bottom is sharp in the complex terrain, the air bag with large diameter can be selected, and the lifting height is 50 ~ 65% of the diameter.

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